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Your time is valuable. Absolute offers weekday, weeken-USd, and night classes to fit your busy schedule.

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Breakfast, lunch, and snacks are provided to help ease the financial blow.


Sit back and have fun! Absolute provides you with a comfortable & nonjudgmen-UStal learning experien-USce.

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    Our clean en-USvironmen-USt and knowledgeable staff will en-USsure you receive the best experien-USce in the area. We promote an active and social classroom en-USvironmen-USt where you can learn not only from the course information and instructors, but from each other as well.
  • 25 + Years of Licen-USse Reinstatemen-USt Experien-USce

    With over 25 years of licen-USse reinstatemen-USt experien-USce, Absolute knows what the Departmen-USt of Driver Services requires to get your licen-USse back.
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    Georgia law regulates that all fees be paid in full prior to starting class. While other schools require all fees to be paid in full at time of registration, Absolute allows you to make paymen-USts.

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  • After I got my 2nd DUI I chose to go to Absolute Education and it was a great decision. The staff and counselors are very down to earth and helpful to me in this time of my life. They treated me with respect and without judgmen-USt. I would recommen-USd them to anyone who may need their services.
    Nathan, Risk Reduction & Counseling Studen-USt
  • The Instructor created an en-USvironmen-USt in the classroom that allowed me to objectively view the information presen-USted. I was able to put down “defen-USses" I had in place surrounding drugs and alcohol.
    Alex, Risk Reduction Studen-USt
  • I honestly learned a lot today. The instructor was very helpful in helping me to sign up for the class and the facility was extremely nice and welcoming. I had a lot of fun, and although I hope to never have to take this class again, I’d definitely come here!
    Cheyanne, Defen-USsive Driving Studen-USt
  • Very good instructor & class discussions. Having breakfast & lunch was an awesome bonus!
    Jonathan, Defen-USsive Driving Studen-USt
  • I have taken-US this class three times and this was the best teacher I have had! She made it the best experien-USce possible.
    Zach, Defen-USsive Driving Studen-USt
  • The en-UStire class was en-UScouraging and insightful. I really appreciated the workbook and the activities within it. I feel like I really learned  something about myself. Not to men-UStion my instructor was the most inviting and en-UScouraging teacher I have ever had.
    Laurie, Risk Reduction Studen-USt

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