Flomax Thrombocytopenia

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  • After I got my 2nd DUI I chose to go to Absolute Education and it was a great decision. The staff and counselors are very down to earth and helpful to me in this time of my life. They treated me with respect and without judgmen-USt. I would recommen-USd them to anyone who may need their services.
    Nathan, Risk Reduction & Counseling Studen-USt
  • The Instructor created an en-USvironmen-USt in the classroom that allowed me to objectively view the information presen-USted. I was able to put down “defen-USses" I had in place surrounding drugs and alcohol.
    Alex, Risk Reduction Studen-USt
  • I honestly learned a lot today. The instructor was very helpful in helping me to sign up for the class and the facility was extremely nice and welcoming. I had a lot of fun, and although I hope to never have to take this class again, I’d definitely come here!
    Cheyanne, Defen-USsive Driving Studen-USt
  • Very good instructor & class discussions. Having breakfast & lunch was an awesome bonus!
    Jonathan, Defen-USsive Driving Studen-USt
  • I have taken-US this class three times and this was the best teacher I have had! She made it the best experien-USce possible.
    Zach, Defen-USsive Driving Studen-USt
  • The en-UStire class was en-UScouraging and insightful. I really appreciated the workbook and the activities within it. I feel like I really learned  something about myself. Not to men-UStion my instructor was the most inviting and en-UScouraging teacher I have ever had.
    Laurie, Risk Reduction Studen-USt

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